The first official Bass fishing body was established at an inaugural meeting held at Iscor Club, Pretoria in January 1983, and was known as the “SOUTH AFRICA BASS CHAPTER FEDERATION”

During November 2001 a name change was done on request of South African Sport Fishing and Casting Confederation. To the South African Bass Angling Association (SABAA).

SABAA as the only officially recognised Bass fishing governing body has since its inception, grown exponentially with both old and young wanting to put their skills to the test against these legendary fish species.

Through the creation of a competitive platform for anglers wishing to attain the highest accolade, SABAA anglers have become a force to be reckoned with having represented South Africa at numerous international events.

Under the leadership of Craig Fraser and his executive team, SABAA has not only showed that Bass fishing in South Africa is World Class by hosting the XIII Black Bass Fishing World Championships, but also initiated various development programs by expanding its umbrella to 5 respective categories; thus, ensuring that the sport is accessible to all wanting to partake.

One of the existing platforms SABAA offers is Junior Competitive Bass angling which has seen many youngsters eager to catch their first competitive bass and grow not only to become junior Protea anglers, but also become formidable senior competitors.

Under the guidance and mentorship of both the SABAA Senior and Junior Executive, and the assistance of various senior Divisional anglers, these young ambassadors of the sport grow portraying not only respect for the local resource, but also good sportsmanship and respect for their fellow man.

This was clear when the SABAA juniors who assisted at the XIII Black Bass World Championships received a standing ovation from all 13 Countries for their assistance and hard work during this International event.

SABAA is however more than just a sport fishing governing body. Seeing the need to protect the limited local resources, SABAA has rolled out various conservation efforts, working with local anglers and conservation organizations to ensure that future anglers will be able to enjoy the same thrills and pleasures we are currently privileged to have.

SABAA continues to grow and through its outreach and development efforts will ensure that the sport and resources flourish for all future generations to enjoy.

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